Mortgage home party

Mortgage Home PartyWe bring the party to your place

Mortgage home parties are small gatherings for 3 or more couples wishing to have their mortgage questions answered in group and in the comfort of your home

In an informal and fun short gathering, get the necessary information to get approved for that mortgage you need to purchase that real estate or refinance that debt to save money

For current renters:

  • If you are currently renting, could you afford a mortgage instead?
  • Do you really need to save for the down payment?
  • Could you buy a property with what you have saved for down payment?
  • Your credit might not b so good, can you still buy a property?
  • Is it better to keep on renting or to own your own property?
  • Can you buy a property where you could also rent a part of it?
  • When can you buy a house or condo?

 For home owners:

  • Do you have questions about your current mortgage?
  • Are your current mortgage rates the best you can get?
  • Can you optimize the equity in your home?
  • Should you refinance or should you not?
  • Is your mortgage up to renewal and would like some help to renew your current mortgage.
  • Is it better to have a line of credit or just one mortgage?

You invite your guests, it is a relaxed informal presentation where we could share some tea, coffee or what ever you wish to share with your guests, the gathering takes about 1 hour, all information is kept confidential

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