Residential Construction Mortgages

Residential Construction Mortgage

Faster approvals and easy advances

For you who are looking to start a new project and looking for financing options, why not getting faster approvals and easy advances, simply the best lending solution.

Residential Construction Mortgages details: 

  • For builders or borrowers wanting interim financing for a new construction project, for renovating an existing structure and for land acquisition
  • Loan commitments are made at the time of approval and may not exceed 85% of budgeted costs, up to 75% of the land value and may not exceed 65% of Pro-forma appraised completion value
  • Draw advances are easy with support from our Construction Specialist and can be made up to 5 times though the project
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Home sale prices in Ontario

Home sale prices in Ontario

Is it really worth it to buy a house? That is a question that some renters that I have come across with have or had, like John and Sue (not real names) from Toronto, who were renting because they never thought that they could buy a house considering their financial situation. After our first meeting at that corner coffee shop (it was very crowded by the way), they felt comfortable enough to take the next step

The next step was, to decide whether to start their mortgage assessment or not, they decided to go ahead as they had nothing to lose and now they own a condo on a 15th floor that is more comfortable than the apartment they were renting and in a safer area; their mortgage payments are currently lower than what they were paying as rent.

The following chart from CHMC, illustrates in a simple way the average home sale prices in Ontario, includes a forecast for the years 2013 & 2014.

What you as a borrower can take from this is that, those who in the past years, were able to invest in a real estate and capable of keeping their investment, have now benefited by the growth of their equity, even through the slow economy that we lived in the past few years.

In the graph, as we observe a steady increase in home sale prices, we should also consider the savings resulting from low mortgage rates (not expressed in the chart below).

The growth of wealth in equity offered by the residential real estate industry, should be considered as a clear message, and an invitation to those who are currently renting, to invest securely and buy their homes now, rather than later.

Situations that prevent renters from buying a home like, low credit, no initial down payment, low income and others can be overcomed with a clear and solid strategy and here is where I can help you.

Home Sale Prices in Ontario

Source CHMC

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Decreasing bond value pushes to higher mortgage rates

Decreasing bond value pushes to higher mortgage rates

Financially speaking, a bond is a debt instrument that based on a current rate pays interests with certain periodicity and investors attracted to profit from those bonds may see their principal invested upon maturity of the bond.
Since the mortgage rates having remarkably low due to a slow pace economy, the profit of the bonds do not seem to be as attractive as before, therefore the price of the bonds for future debts seems to be lowering.
To make the price of the bonds more attractive, there is a need in the market for an increase on the mortgage rates to avoid investors looking for different industries or markets where to invest in search for a higher return.
In short: Mortgage rates may see an increase in the current year.
Advice: Lock your mortgage rates now or soon, however do not fall into the innocent category where you only pay attention to the rate, as a mortgage may be more convenient when including other terms like being portable or assumable.
If you need to switch from your current lender, that may not be a problem as some of our lenders offer free switch and transfers helping to pay the penalties originated by the early switch or transfers in order to save the costs to the borrower and win their business
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