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B2B BankB2B Bank is a re-evaluated mortgage lender with an interest in setting itself apart in the mortgage lending industry by designing personalization in their mortgage products;

B2B Bank works closely with us at Mortgage Edge to understand more in-depth our applicant clients in order to offer them a serious effort, to help them get their mortgage approved under the best possible terms and in an easy and quick way.

Among the most popular B2B Bank mortgage products we offer:

  • Equity 50:
    • Good credit
    • Mortgage loans only up to 50%,
    • Flexible ratios and
    • Flexible income requirements
  • Equity 65:
    • Good credit
    • Mortgage loans only up to 50%
    • Flexible ratios and
    • Flexible income requirements

The ideal mortgage for self-employed people due to the flexible requirements

B2B bank mortgage rates are low in comparison with other lenders in the Ontario market

B2B Bank helps you to refinance your current mortgage for lower interest rates and cash flow improvement.

B2B Bank’s underwriters have the knowledge, flexibility, and understanding of each client’s experience, they offer a great deal of support when it comes to approving your mortgage.

“If the business shows income, we could lend you the money”

Consider B2B Bank as the “Alternative”  and “Expanded” mortgage solutions provider :

Self-employed borrowers are especially favored by The  “Alternative” mortgage solutions as even with less than 2 years with nontraditional income documentation and in need of flexible affordability ratios or those with previous credit impairments.

The “The expanded” mortgage solution is ideal for self-employed borrowers that cannot provide documentation in the traditional manner, is available for purchase, portability and refinance

B2B Bank also offers insured high ratio mortgage mortgages up to 95% loan to value and uninsured conventional mortgages up to 80% loan to value.

B2B Bank is a flexible lender, with great competitive mortgage rates and flexible mortgage solutions, call now and request your mortgage loan with B2B Bank


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