First Swiss Mortgage

First Swiss MortgageFirst Swiss Mortgage Corporation is a leading institutional lender offering first and second mortgages for residential and commercial properties.

First Swiss Mortgage, specializes in helping borrowers even with bruised or not credit designing solutions to fit the borrower’s needs rather than having products with pre-set terms.

First Swiss Mortgage corporation offers Equity take out loans, good to open a new business, finish a basement, renovate a kitchen and then some.

First mortgage:

  • Designed especially for principal residence, principal residence with rentals (Maximum 6 units) could be considered
  • Payment history is evaluated, credit score is not considered
  • Purchase assistance loans
  • Equity take-out mortgages
  • Refinance mortgages
  • Mortgage interest rate is based on credit, income, and loan to value
  • Self-insured lending
  • Extended amortization
  • 1-year terms

Second mortgage:

  • Business owners
  • Payment history is evaluated, but score is not considered
  • Proceeds can be used for purchase or pay debt directly, debt consolidation
  • Mortgage rate is based on credit, income, property, and loan to value
  • Self-insured lending fee
  • Monthly payments, interest only
  • 1-year term

First Swiss mortgage Corporation, is an understanding lender with a helping lending concept.

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Purchase Assist program

First Swiss Mortgage will lend a second up to 95%LTV*, that client can use to reduce the first mortgage amount below CMHC margin. Which means – no CMHC premiums, and less down-payment form client’s own sources.

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