Mortgage rates

Mortgage rates

Mortgage RatesCheck out the low current mortgage rates offered by our mortgage lenders.

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Mortgage rates are those that are used to calculate the cost of borrowing on a mortgage loan

Current first mortgage rates

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Mortgage rates               
Variable mortgage rates
3 yrs variable Prime (P) – 55%
5 yrs variable Prime (P) -.90%
Open HELOC Prime (P) +.50%
Fixed mortgage rates
6 Months Contact
1 Year 2.49%
2 Years 2.49%
3 Years 2.59%
4 Years 2.84%
5 Years QC* 2.99%
5 Years regular 3.04%
7 Years 3.44%
10 Years 3.84%
Prime rate: 3.45

Bank of Canada Qualifying rate 5.14% + 2% stress test rate

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