Late for mortgage renewal


Late for mortgage renewal

Late for mortgage renewal and looking to minimize the expense to change to a better rate?

Late for mortgage renewalIf you or someone you know ever find in this situation the alternative seems to be to “Opt for a short-term open mortgage and escape as quickly as possible”  you might want to consider or ask the following before taking a decision:

May I help you with your mortgage?


  • Short term open mortgage may come with all or some of the borrowing costs:
    • Appraisal
    • Lender fee
    • Broker fee
    • Cancellation penalty
    • Mortgage Insurance
  • Will your short-term mortgage payments include principal and interest or interest only
  • New mortgage terms also mean new amortization charts where the first payments are normally more interest than principal in the case of principal and interest mortgages.
  • Are you looking to free your cash flow from a short-term tight budget?

Not always lower rates mean lower cost.

To have the above factors considered in your decision, the best is to have your mortgage assessment practiced.

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Automatic mortgage renewal


Automatic mortgage renewal

Authomatic Mortgage RenewalsBe wise and observe the terms and amortization payments schedule in your mortgage to see how much you can save with your educated decision, rather than just the standard or automatic mortgage renewal from your lender.

When you choose to renew on a yearly basis, you are also choosing to be subject to the rate that the lender will determine around 1 month before the renewal following a letter from the lender recalling the mortgage (which adds to the stress)

When you choose to renew your mortgage automatic you will also start a new term to which you need to agree, and when you start a new term, you will also start a new amortization period in which you can see that your payments will be applying more to the interest than to the principal, extending the length of time for you to liquidate your mortgage for good. This is also translated in a much expensive borrowing, costing you seriously more at the end. It is not wise in most cases to renews automatically, and why do it when you can have your mortgage assessment done for free?

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Home Trust Secured Visa

Home Trust secured Visa signature

Home Trust Secured Visa, improve, build, rebuild, improve your credit, get all details and apply online.

Learn how it works, apply online now, get your visa in the mail soon.

Helps you improve and control your credit

This Visa reports monthly to both Equifax and Trans-Union.

To assure accurate and timely processing of this application, please review the following:

Security Deposit: The preferred method is to send a personal cheque drawn from your Canadian Bank account; third-party cheques are not acceptable. The minimum deposit amount is $500.00 and the maximum is $10,000. Please make the cheque payable to Home Trust Company.

When providing a personal cheque as a security deposit, if you know that your credit bureau is less than 6 months old, the maximum deposit amount we can accept is $1,500.00. Additionally, please also include a copy of a utility bill (which shows your name/address) or 2 pieces of photo ID (Government issued).

We can also accept a Canadian bank draft or money order. However, with this payment method, you must also include a copy of a recent Bank statement (showing your name, the name of your Financial institution, type of account (i.e., savings, chequing) and your partial account number).

Consumer Proposal: This product is available to clients in a Consumer Proposal; letter of good standing is not required.

Bankruptcy: This product is NOT available to those who are currently bankrupt, however, applicants who have been discharged from bankruptcy can apply at any time, but must include their “Certificate of Discharge” with their completed application.

Secured Visa applications along with their respective deposits/additional documents can be mailed to 145 King Street W, Suite 2300, ATTN Visa Department, Toronto, ON M5H 1J8.

Get control on your own credit, select the Home Trust Secured Visa of your choice:

No Fee Secured Visa CardLower Interests Secured Visa Card
No Fee Home Trust Secure VisaLower Interest Home Trust Secured Visa

Be prepared for your mortgage


Be prepared for your mortgage

Plan Ahead and SaveAnticipating for your coming mortgage renewal, refinancing or home purchase will always pay off, it’s a smart decision and an excellent financial practice. Since you are not in control of all the factors that affect your future transaction, it is most convenience to stay ahead of the curve.

Unless you prefer the stress of higher interest rates, mortgage penalties and being declined in the worse scenarios, you surely want to plan ahead every step of your coming mortgage process.

Whether you know where to start or you have no clue, that is not the issue here, because with the right guidance, all you need to know is why you want or need a mortgage. We’ll take care of the how and perhaps even the when.

Timing is important, have your mortgage assessment practiced 6 months ahead to avoid rate increases, missed opportunities, or even false expecttations

If you are a first time home buyer,  planning to renew your mortgage or to refinance existing debt and would like to know about your mortgage, prepare the following before you arrange your mortgage assessment meeting.

  • Personal picture ID’s including your SIN
  • Employment history
  • Information about your income and most recent supporting documents
    • If not all your income can be supported, detail what you can and the type of income you earn (Waitress tips, construction workers, etc)
  • Details about your financial commitments or debts
  • Details about your savings
  • Your home rental or living history
  • Current mortgage statement (for renewals and refinancing)
  • Have your questions ready

There are always more chances you help you when you plan ahead of time

Practice your mortgage assessment, then just follow your strategy, say NO to procrastination and achieve your goal. Where there is a will, there is a way!

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Need extra income?


A refinance story


A refinance story

Hawaii calm beach

Hawaii calm beach

After a period of some stressful time in their life, this including hard work, a change of workplace, some family illnesses and some accumulation in the credit card usage , a client called me asking for some financial advise. Their goal was to recuperate their financial stability, to stop accumulating debt with high interest rates that were consuming a great deal of their fixed income and mainly to get a piece of mind to continue.

We had a chat a coffee shop and before my medium size of black coffee was finished we were filling up their online mortgage application, I simply learned what they wanted and their particulars, the rest was just a matter of simple paper work that we both worked together on.

Can I help you refinancing?

After a few days they were able to reduce considerably their high cost of borrowing and by the first month they were able to feel the financial difference, that was in the very short time, on top of that a projection of their future debt accumulation showed them a great difference in the overall reduction of their debt. Freeing cash using the equity in their home without losing nor risking any future home resale value was the triggering tool that gave them a piece of mind.

After the second month they were able to travel to Hawaii to realize a long due trip they had promised to each other to enjoy.

Today their mortgage payments are low and their debt is on the decline

As a token of thank you they shared the following pictures taken from their hotel room balcony, a time they enjoyed and will remember in their lifetime.

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Mortgage renewal 5 years vs 10

Mortgage renewal 5 years vs 10

Here is one great advantage of renewing your mortgage loan with us, rather than banks.

Mortgage Renewal 5 vs 10Scenario renewing your mortgage with a bank for 5 years:
Mortgage amount = 300,000
mortgage rate @ 5 yrs 3.00%
Balance at maturity = 248,685
Repeat the mortgage renewal with the same factors 5 years after
New Mortgage amount = 248,685
mortgage rate @ 5 yrs 3.00%
Balance at maturity = 206,147

Scenario renewing your mortgage with a us for 10 years:
Mortgage amount = 300,000
mortgage rate @ 10 yrs 3.79%
Balance at maturity = 193,176

Savings over 10 years = 12,971

Note: Other factors should be considered before deciding the term of the mortgage

A carefully made assessment and professional advise can save you lots of money

Mortgage Renewal


Mortgage renewal is when your lender and you agree to extend the life of the current mortgage loan, revised terms is most likely to happen.

Before your next mortgage renewal, it would be smart to take the time to review your current situation as of your current and future stability, your lifestyle, changes that are occurring in your household and that may effect your financial situation in the near future, get a professional advise from me.
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MortgageMortgage is a registered agreement in a land titles office where security interest in a specific real property is held by a lender as a security for debt repayment by the borrower, a debt pledge

Each mortgage is a claim against the property; should the property be sold or foreclosed each claim is satisfied in order

What kind of mortgage can I help you with?

MortgageSecond MortgageRefinance
Reverse mortgageHome Equity Line of CreditCommercial Mortgage

First mortgage: is the first loan registered in the title against the property

Second Mortgage: Is the loan that is registered second in time in the title against the property, is normally used to trade high credit card debts that carry high-interest rates for a low mortgage rate that eventually will reduce the cost of borrowing making it easier to eliminate that debt

A Mortgage can be conventional or high ratio
Conventional mortgage: Usually when a borrower contributes a 20+% of the value of the property
High ratio mortgage: Usually when a borrower contributes less than a 20% of the value of the property

A Mortgage can be open or closed:
Open: Allows the borrower to repay all or part of the principal at any time without penalties
Closed: Does not allow any prepayments or early repayments of the mortgage

There are different types of mortgage loans because they try to satisfy different needs according to the borrower’s lifestyles and affordability.

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The Toronto mortgage agent of Mortgage Edge to get your first, second mortgage or line of credit that you need, apply online and deal with many mortgage lenders

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With me as your TMortgage Broker - Mortgage Edge - Toronto Mortgage agentoronto mortgage agent, you’ll have quick personalized service access to the best lenders and a complete array of mortgage products to get your mortgage loan approved.

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If you already own a property, request a property value & comparable sales report when you complete your online mortgage assessment

If you are looking for a Toronto mortgage agent or have questions about what type of mortgage you need, call now, or, learn about the following mortgage products

MortgageSecond MortgageRefinance
Reverse mortgageHome Equity Line of CreditCommercial Mortgage

Whether you are looking for a mortgage to purchase a home, refinance your existing mortgage and your other loans or credit cards in order to pay less interest, or if you are looking for a commercial mortgage to finance your business, you can call me to help you get that financing that you seek.

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