Review your credit

Review your credit

Review Your CreditReviewing your credit can help you prevent identity theft, prevent fraud and safeguard the wealth that you have been working for

Have you ever wonder if there are debts under your name that you are unaware?

Have you know of anyone that have experienced an identity theft?

Have you experienced not being able to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates available because of your credit rating and/or score?

May I help you with your mortgage?

Our times are filled with advanced technology with  the intention of making our life easier and prosperous, and our days are certainly different from those of our parents especially in regards to the amount of information that flows through our many different channels, devices and file cabinets. So much and so fast-moving information that it is very easy for many of us to fail to protect our own, from those whose intentions are to obtain strangers’ information for the purpose of benefiting themselves at the cost of others.

Not with the intention to scare the reader but to help with a single advice in this matter, review your credit file. Knowing your credit file is your responsibility and you can get it free, click here to get it now and understand how credit works when you need a mortgage

Knowing your file can save you not only money but stress and protection of the wealth that what you so hard have been working for. Many unpleasant surprises can be avoided when acting.

I invite you to contribute to a more honest society by reporting fraud follow the conversation #fraudchat Canada & follow me @jmortgageca

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