Review your credit


Review your credit

Review Your CreditReviewing your credit can help you prevent identity theft, prevent fraud and safeguard the wealth that you have been working for

Have you ever wonder if there are debts under your name that you are unaware?

Have you know of anyone that have experienced an identity theft?

Have you experienced not being able to qualify for the lowest mortgage rates available because of your credit rating and/or score?

May I help you with your mortgage?

Our times are filled with advanced technology with  the intention of making our life easier and prosperous, and our days are certainly different from those of our parents especially in regards to the amount of information that flows through our many different channels, devices and file cabinets. So much and so fast-moving information that it is very easy for many of us to fail to protect our own, from those whose intentions are to obtain strangers’ information for the purpose of benefiting themselves at the cost of others.

Not with the intention to scare the reader but to help with a single advice in this matter, review your credit file. Knowing your credit file is your responsibility and you can get it free, click here to get it now and understand how credit works when you need a mortgage

Knowing your file can save you not only money but stress and protection of the wealth that what you so hard have been working for. Many unpleasant surprises can be avoided when acting.

I invite you to contribute to a more honest society by reporting fraud follow the conversation #fraudchat Canada & follow me @jmortgageca

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Low cost home ownership


Low cost ownershipLow-cost home ownership is financial assistance programs offered by the government to assist lower-income families with the purchase of a residential property to live in it.

There are currently a number of programs with different alternatives and yet we experience an all time high home prices in Toronto. Programs like Home in Peel region affordable ownership and the Region of Waterloo affordable home ownership and the idea of the creation of other programs should be supported with more funding by all levels of government.

If you think that we are living in a time that demands more programs to assist home ownership, estate your opinion in the poll below.

As mortgage agent serving the greater Toronto area and beyond, I receive information about many mortgage rates updates from the numerous lenders, whether they are banks, financial institutions, credit unions and private lenders with the purpose promoting them among my clients, some products offer temporary advantages to the borrower or specific timing on a deal, the mortgage products from lenders are not the same.

By the way, offering a variety of mortgage products is a starting advantage that helps my clients decide in dealing with me rather than their bank, they prefer options that deliver more savings, it makes them feel comfortable

The Bank of Canada recently lowered the key overnight rate, that leads to a reduction in mortgage rates from many of our lenders, besides the rates we also see unique government incentives for first-time home buyers, and even the opportunities of tax sheltering and tax returns with the rrsp’s home buyers plan that helps buyers save for their down payment, all this helps a great deal to practice a good mortgage assessment that will certainly lead to the approval of a mortgage loan and a low-cost ownership, what do you think?

If you are interested in finding out if you qualify for a mortgage this year so that you can purchase your home, do not hesitate in contacting me now



Household credit growth in Canada

Household credit growth in Canada

The information on the following graph helps us observe that from the past 7 year approximately borrowers are paying more importance to their secure mortgage credit rather than easy to obtain commercial credit like credit cards; Thanks in part to the federal government regulations and on to the slow economic activity that has affected many industries and borrowers in all economic sectors

Borrowers have learned to use the strategies offered by mortgage agents all around Canada; mortgage strategies like mortgage refinances, debt consolidationlines of credit and first mortgages, wisely negotiated by mortgage agents at the lowest mortgage rates.

Your personal observation on the matter in important to gain a broad perspective on how mortgage loans may be affecting you; Write a line at the bottom o this post!

Household credit in Canada

Lowest mortgage rate for 10 years quick close


 Lowest mortgage rate for 10 years quick close high ratio The following are our current mortgage rates Mortgage rates Variable mortgage rates 3 yrs variable 2.65% 5 yrs variable 2.85% Open HELOC 3.50% Fixed Mortgage rates 6 Months 3.95& 1 Year 2.65% … Continue reading

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New To Canada Mortgage


New To CanadaNew to Canada Mortgage is for people who have immigrated or relocated to Canada within 60 months, offers credit record or history flexibility, lower down payment required than a conventional mortgage.

The New to Canada  mortgage is for the new immigrants that have obtained landed status and have not already owned a house It presents the opportunity to start owning a home instead of renting.

The following are some borrower qualifications for the New to Canada Mortgage:

  • High ratio secured mortgage loans with only 5% Down payment from own resources; For LTV’s less than 95%, the remainder may be gifted from an immediate family member or from a corporate subsidy. (3 years landed immigrant)
  • Or Conventional unsecured mortgage loan with 35% Down payment or more from own resources.
  • Amortization up to 30 years in Conventional & 25 years insured mortgages
  • No 3rd party/Guarantors

  • Number of units, Max 2

  • Must provide valid work permit or verification of landed immigrant status

  • International Credit Report or 2 alternative sources of credit

  • Bank reference letter or 6 months bank statements
  • 3 months minimum full-time employment in Canada (borrowers being transferred under a corporate relocation program are exempt)
  • All debts held outside of the country must be included in the total debt servicing ratio (Rental income earned outside of Canada is to be excluded from the GDS/TDS calculation)
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Zero down payment mortgage

Zero down payment mortgage - zero down paymentZero down payment mortgage is a Mortgage loan offered by only some lenders that offer a 5% cash back, that can be used towards the down payment.

It helps realize the dream of homeownership even before the down payment has been saved.

If you are currently renting and prefer to own your own home, but you haven’t been able to save enough for your down payment, this is your chance call now

To qualify for a Zero down payment mortgage you to have good credit (read below), a steady source of income that can show your capacity to repay the loan, (we’ll do the math together) and savings of about a 1.5% of the value of the property that you are seeking to purchase

Excellent credit is necessary for the zero down payment mortgage when available.

Click here to apply for your zero down payment mortgage or other mortgage options if necessary

Visit also low credit score mortgage 

* Subject to availability

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